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With Buxberg, you can benefit from low, competitive costs, zero transaction fees, and low margin rates.

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  • Trade an extensive range of instruments, including currency pairs, futures, and stocks.
  • Enjoy seamless trading with lightning-fast execution speed, averaging 0.02 seconds.
  • Seize low-cost trading combined with a 1:400 leverage and trade in multiple markets.
  • Fine-tune your trading strategies with advanced trading tools and profound market analysis.
  • Premium client service available for eligible trading accounts.


Micro-lot Trading


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Leveraged trading

Use up to 1:400 leverage and trade with more lots in the world markets to optimize a lower initial investment.

Seamless execution

Place multiple trades from different markets under a stable, ultrafast trading execution, averaging 0.02 seconds, all in one account.

2000+ instruments

Choose from the wide selection of assets and trade major or exotic currency pairs, stocks, digital pairs, and all commodities.

Client support

Get support and help whenever you need it. Explore our commonly-asked trading questions to help you find what you're looking for.

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